NTGD Update: The Four Priorities

Sep 07 2022 NTGD Update: The Four Priorities

Leading up to North Texas Giving Day on September 22nd, we’re highlighting some of our “jars” (2 Kings 4) each week to show where your investment in our ministry is going.

Today, I’m highlighting my book The Four Priorities. The newly printed 4th edition includes a few updated illustrations and new QR codes linking each chapter to a supplemental video teaching from me. You won’t find a more simple, practical, biblically based workbook designed to use over and over again to disciple others!

With over 20,000 in print, The Four Priorities has shipped all over the world… including Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Nigeria! And in the US, we’ve reached 31 states and 203 cities!

While we are so grateful that The Four Priorities is being used to make disciples all over the world, what makes us even more excited is seeing the multiplication of disciple-makers. Twice a year, I take on 5-7 guys each week to disciple one-on-one through The Four PrioritiesOver the past 18 years in Dallas alone, at least 200 men have been discipled by me and are now making disciples for Jesus! 

This is a picture of my friend Dr. Carl Couch (who has been a disciple-maker for years) passing the baton to four of his guys! Because of Dr. Couch’s time invested with his pastor, the pastor is now leading a disciple-making movement through his church.

THIS is the multiplication process that we are all about!

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Warmly in Him,
John Tolson