Remembering Doug Smith

Dec 12 2023 Remembering Doug Smith

One month ago, Doug Smith, one of Punky’s and my dear friends and partners in the faith went home to be with the Lord. Doug was a faithful man who used his time and talents to glorify God as he served his church, Highland Park Presbyterian (HPPC) as well as several ministries, including ours.

Punky and I moved to Dallas 19 years ago. We had only been here a few months and were preparing to launch the B.A.S.I.C.S. class at HPPC when Doug and his wife, Georgia, asked to meet us and get acquainted.

They told us they knew about the class and would like to do anything they could to serve and help it get going. Doug and Georgia befriended us in this new chapter of our lives and became instrumental in the class – they greeted people at the door and made people feel welcome. I believe their warmth and hospitality were a few of the key reasons the class grew so quickly.

As time progressed and we began The Tolson Group ministry, Doug came to me again and volunteered to oversee the finances of our nonprofit. He gave freely of his time and considerable talent: Making sure we were incorporated correctly, filing the appropriate taxes on time, and managing our monthly payroll and accounting software. Doug continued to serve in this role for 18 years as a volunteer…words cannot express how much we valued and trusted his servant leadership in our ministry.

Personally, I loved bouncing ideas off Doug. His consulting background and wise mind coupled with his willing heart and ready availability made for some great conversations. Doug really had a heart for what we do at The Tolson Group––he saw the value in making disciples and was a key component in everything we did.

As we draw near to the end of this year, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to share the life of someone who knew and lived The Four Priorities. Doug was someone who “got it right” and loved others, generously gave of his time and talents, and we have no doubt he heard a resounding, “Well done, good and faithful servant” upon his arrival in Heaven.

We love you, Doug, and we will dearly miss our friend. Thank you for loving us.

–John and Punky