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Experience A Life Changing Relationship With Jesus Christ

The Good News Challenge

Click here to watch John Tolson Share the Good News of Jesus Christ in less than 2 minutes. Join our Good News Challenge by sharing this message with your network to help us spread the Gospel!

Making Disciples

The Tolson group teaches men & women how to become Disciples of Jesus Christ and provides practical coaching on how to live out your Faith in everyday life. Click here to learn more about how we can help you or your church get started with our training.

Our Mission

John Tolson and his wife, Punky, are committed followers of Jesus Christ, and for many years they have daily pursued Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 to “make disciples.” Click here to learn more about the mission of The Tolson Group.

The Four Priorities Book

The Four Priorities book available now!

Life is simply too short to get it wrong. The Four Priorities confronts life’s choices and challenges and demonstrates how to “get it right” through a personal, progressive commitment to Jesus Christ, self-valuation and development, relationship building and community impact. It will help you cultivate a Christ-centered outlook on life so that you can make the greatest impact on your family, your community and the world.