Christmas 2023 Gift Guide

Dec 13 2023 Christmas 2023 Gift Guide

Merry Christmas!

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we want to remind you of a few gift ideas that will create a lasting impact on someone’s life.

Our prayer and our challenge to you is to make 2024 the year that you disciple someone and help raise them up in their faith. Love them. Walk with them. Teach them out of the overflow of your relationship with God and your very life. Give them time. Give them truth. Give them Jesus. And make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples!

We know it can be hard to get started, so Punky and I have worked hard to create tools and resources for you to use to help you keep growing in your faith and live the life that Jesus’ commanded us to live. Check them out below!

Want to grow in your faith this next year? Download all 3 of these FREE resources that we’ve designed to help you create a life that will impact the world for Jesus Christ.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Four Priorities Planner
What do you want your life to look like one year from today? Download this planner to help you reflect on this year and create a plan for the new year that aligns with the four Biblical priorities. Click here to download!

If you or someone you know has just recently accepted Jesus as Savior, it can be overwhelming to know where to do next. Download this resource to help simplify the next steps of the best decision you could make!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Complete Guide on How to Study Your Bible
Studying the Bible, God’s word, is one of the best ways you can get to know him and grow in your faith. Check out this resource for detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to study your Bible.

Ready to start making disciples? Grab your copy and let’s get started!

PURCHASE: The Four Priorities

A comprehensive approach to disciple-making; built for you to work through with someone that you are discipling – or someone who is discipling you!


A 30-Day Devotional: Winning Plays for the Game of Life. This is a great resource for dads and sons/daughters, or gift a copy to your student athlete!

Looking for an encouraging message to watch or listen to? Grab a friend and check out these links below!

WATCH OR LISTEN: Red Glasses Talk with Dr. John Tolson

Red Glasses Talks are short, weekly, video-teachings by John to encourage men and women to HEAR the Word of God, THINK about what it says, and then go DO something about it!

WATCH OR LISTEN: The Gathering of Men

The Gathering of Men is a quarterly lunch series put on by John Tolson to inspire and encourage men to lead in a biblical and spiritual manner in the family, workplace & community. Each series includes 3 lunches held on consecutive Wednesdays and a theme specifically tailored to men. We have several years worth of past messages available for listening!

Through writing, teaching, speaking, and heart-to-heart listening, Punky disciples, encourages and equips women of all ages to know Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus in practical and pass-on-able ways that will inspire and empower their lives…and bring more than a little fun to living it. God has called you and gifted you for a significant role in his Master Plan. Punky’s desire is to help you live your life and calling to the fullest – because your life doesn’t end with you! She shares on instagram and her blog weekly, and the Life On Life podcast will be back for a new season in the new year. Come on over and hang out with Punky!

WATCH OR LISTEN: Life On Life Podcast with Punky Tolson

Punky’s podcast, Life on Life, is the place where you can walk alongside Punky as she helps you come to know Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus in your everyday life.

We are grateful for you and are praying for you! If there is any way that we can pray or support you this season, would you let us know?

And as always, we are so grateful for your faithful support of the work and the ministry of The Tolson Group.

Cheerily in Christ,

John and Punky