NTGD Update: Disciple-Making Summit

Aug 24 2022 NTGD Update: Disciple-Making Summit

Leading up to North Texas Giving Day on September 22nd, we’re highlighting some of our “jars” (2 Kings 4) each week to show where your investment in our ministry is going.

Today, I’m going to highlight our Disciple-Making Summit. The Summit exists to train and equip church staff and leaders in how to make disciples who make disciples. Many of these pastors have never been discipled, so they don’t know how to engage their church leaders and members in disciple-making. The Summit is a 6-hour workshop full of Biblical, practical help to get them started. The feedback we receive after each Summit is truly encouraging and humbling. We love being part of God’s plan in helping the church learn how to make and multiply disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

Next year, we are praying to receive the funding needed to make this Summit into an online, video training course. It’s our hope that we can share this Summit with those churches who are unable to incur the travel costs for me to personally teach the Summit as well as have a tool in place for when I’m unable to travel.

Recently, I was in Houston teaching a Disciple-Making Summit. Of the eighty people attending, only eight of them had ever been discipled. The change starts with us: you and me together doing what Jesus commanded us to do! We’ve discipled thousands of men and women to run this race to the finish, and by God’s grace we’ll continue to pass the baton until the race is over and Jesus calls us home. Remember, when you give to The Tolson Group on North Texas Giving Day, you are partnering with us to continue this incredible work that God has begun!

Last year, we also used the Disciple-Making Summit to partner with Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) in the Disciple-Making Initiative. Together, we connected over 100+ men and women in disciple-making relationships in 28 cities, 13 states, and 2 countries! The next phase of this initiative involves rolling out the Summit to DTS alumni and connecting with their churches all over the United States.

One woman who attended the Summit hosted by DTS told us that within one week after the Summit, she had chosen someone to disciple. She brought the woman she was discipling to the Houston Summit and they were able to share with the group about their experience. They teared up, sharing how The Four Priorities had changed their livesThis is why we do what we do!

Won’t you join us? Save the date for North Texas Giving Day!

Warmly in Him,
John Tolson