January Review

Jan 31 2022 January Review

Welcome to 2022! The Tolson Group staff has taken over this monthly update to celebrate our fearless leaders! We celebrated John’s birthday on January 31st and February 6th we’ll celebrate Punky.

We’d love to share Punky’s heartfelt tribute to John as it fully incorporates how much we admire and esteem the leader of this disciple-making ministry:

“Another birthday, another year, and with each candle on the cake John’s fire and passion to make a difference for Christ only burns brighter and hotter… to help people know Jesus, and love Jesus, and follow Jesus, and make disciples of Jesus.

Younger men out there, pay attention: At 78 this guy is nowhere ready to hang up his saddle…no “retirement” in his plans (or God’s plans for that matter); not looking for the next golf course to conquer… But focused and more fired up than ever to live with Kingdom purpose!”


Would you join us in celebrating John and Punky? We’d love to hear from you!

Please comment here and tell us how The Tolson Group’s ministry has encouraged you, challenged you, or how disciple-making has changed your life!

Many thanks,

The Tolson Group Team

(Alicia, Emily, & Michelle)