Disciple-Making Overseas!

Feb 28 2022 Disciple-Making Overseas!

We are excited to introduce Kate and Kevin, amazing friends of ours who are serving as missionaries overseas!

In 2020, I asked Kate to be part of our Disciple-Making Initiative with Dallas Theological Seminary. Even though she was worlds (and time zones) away, she agreed! A few months ago, Kevin also began to disciple a local friend of his near where they live. He wanted to see how The Four Priorities would apply to someone not from the U.S. He has been pleased with their progress!

Kate’s disciple, a DTS student, was able to directly apply what she was learning to her every day life. The two of them found that Priority 2 was the most helpful for them!

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation we had with them asking about their experience:

1. What was discipling like over the Zoom format?

Kevin – it’s not the same as in-person because I can’t read body language. I’m not able to do video with my friend, so we just rely on voice. But even with just voice, it’s neat to hear how lessons and principles are registering and God is using them (my friend is a different culture than mine).

Kate – I found Zoom to be really helpful as my disciple had a busy schedule and we were juggling a 7-hour time difference! And as COVID locked everything down in her area multiple times, or if the weather made roads unsafe to drive, our weekly meetings weren’t affected! We were both comfortable with video conferencing, and felt like we got to know each other well during the year. We also both appreciated that we didn’t have to spend money each week at a coffee shop or restaurant to find a place to meet.

2. How did you manage the time change?

Kevin – It’s not too bad (only 2 hours different between me and my friend), so we manage it the same we do with our work meetings since he and I work together. Now that we’re back in the US and it’s a 9 hour difference, I’ll just plan to get up earlier whenever we meet since I’ve adjusted my hours to give some overlap with my team.

Kate – We’d meet first thing in the morning for her and late afternoon for me. Once we found a day and time that worked, both of us verbally committed to keep our time blocked off on our calendars and defer other meetings or social events because rescheduling our discipleship to another day or time was really difficult. And we gave each other a lot of grace as sometimes her morning coffee hadn’t kicked in yet or I was exhausted from a day at work.

3. What made you decide to do it? 

Kevin – We made a decision as a team at work to pour into other members who may not be as Spiritually mature. I was on board with this and looked for a curriculum/study/book we could go through, and I wanted to see how 4 Priorities would apply to someone not from the US. So, it all slid into place and we started going through the study!

Kate – I was connected with my mentee through Dallas Theological Seminary. I volunteered to be a part of this because I wanted to stay connected with the current generation of young ladies in America; especially as we receive many young people each  summer on the mission field and I wanted to be able to relate to them and be aware of some of their needs and issues of faith. I also felt called to reach out to a young woman furthering her spiritual education long distance who might not have a community to process with what she’s learning. The 4 Priorities gave us something concrete that we could use as a springboard for further discussions and help her apply her seminary lessons to real life.

4. What was the most impactful lesson during your disciple-making times?

Kevin – My friend and I have only made it through the first several lessons so far, but most impactful so far is exploring the Christian life pt. 2 (chapter 4). We talked through our desire to be perfect, but how we miss that all the time and it can be discouraging. However, when we understand our point is not to be perfect and, instead, to follow Jesus all the time, we have the right perspective.

Kate – Last year, my disciple and I finished the whole book, but we found Priority 2 (A personal, progressive commitment to yourself) to be the most helpful, particularly as we examined our emotions. My disciple was immediately able to apply what she was learning to her role as a sports coach and youth leader for high school girls.

We are so grateful for each and every person who has used The Four Priorities to make disciples who make disciples! Thank you, Kate and Kevin!!