Chapter 08 Questions

May 01 2023 Chapter 08 Questions

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Questions for Further Study:

Let’s recap! “Dr. T’s Tips for Staying in Tip-Top Shape”
1. Take personal responsibility for your physical fitness
2. Gain a physical edge through emotional health
3. Change your habits
4. Value your sleep! Rest was God’s idea.
5. Develop healthy sleeping patterns. Establish a routine.
6. Don’t stress about insomnia. It happens. Pray. Listen. Meditate. Read the Word. If it persists, check in with your doctor.
7. Don’t oversleep!
8. Learn to take a nap!
9. Exercise for sound sleeping.
10. Decrease intake of fat.
11. Decrease intake of sugars.
12. Replace processed snacks with fruits and veggies.
13. Eat a balanced diet. At least 3 meals a day!
14. Avoid overeating! Reduce your portion size or your plate size!
15. Buy garden variety

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