A Revolution of Love

Feb 07 2017 A Revolution of Love

For many, February is the LOVE MONTH! The cards, flowers, candy, dinner, etc. are all given to express some kind of affection or love.

In our world, the word “love” has become a most unusual term. Some dictionaries list as many as 25 or 30 meanings for love.

There are many confusing and ridiculous comparisons on the term “love” as well:

  • We love our lifelong sweetheart but we love Mexican food, thus comparing our marriage partner of 40 years to fajitas!
  • We love our parents and children, but man do we love the Cowboys!
  • We love Jesus, but we “just love Robert Redford.”

There are a lot of negative outcomes as a result of fuzzy thinking when we use the word “love.” So, when all else fails, go back to the manual of operation: the Bible!

The New Testament portion of the Bible was written in Greek. As an expert has pointed out, “Greek is a very subtle language, full of delicately modifying words capable of the finest distinctions of meaning.” The Greeks of the New Testament had at least five words that describe love as applied to relationships and marriage:

  1. Epithumia (The Bible never calls this term “love,” but it describes a very important part of love, especially between a husband and wife.) The word “epithumia” is a strong desire of any kind. It means “to set the heart on” or “to long for.” The negative side can mean “covet.”
  2. Eros carries the idea of romance. This aspect of love in marriage is important but it is changeable and cannot last a lifetime all by itself.
  3. Storge could be described as “a comfortable old shoe relationship comprised of natural affection and a sense of belonging to each other.”
  4. Phileo cherishes and has tender affection for a husband or wife or dear friend or sibling.
  5. Agape is a love of action, not emotion.

So how do you get the ability to love agape-style?

When Jesus Christ comes into your life, He gives the supernatural ability to love with agape love. “God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

The best definition of agape love I’ve ever heard came from a dear friend, Jim Smith. He defined love as CONSTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR, or doing what is best for the other person regardless of how you feel towards that person at any given moment.

Are you loving your husband or wife (or others in your life) with that kind of supernatural love? You can if Jesus lives in you. We are not called by God to like everybody but to love (agape) everybody – friends, family, difficult bosses, neighbors – everybody.

Love like that, and you will create a REVOLUTION OF LOVE that won’t melt with the chocolates or wilt with the flowers.

Happy Love Month!
John and Punky