From Thought to Action: Introduction

Sep 14 2023 From Thought to Action: Introduction

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Before we begin, remember…making disciples can be as easy as reading a chapter of The Four Priorities and discussing it with someone else. This blog series is designed to supplement your journey. Feel free to take what you need and leave the rest! And remember, please share this post with your disciple so they can subscribe, too!

KEY QUOTES from the Introduction


What qualifications does a disciple-maker need?

Whatever your situation, disciple-makers should be men and women who: 

  • commit themselves to following Christ by living as He wants in every area of life.
  • implement the principles described in The Four Priorities.
  • desire to help others understand and apply The Four Priorities.
  • want to reproduce reproducers by developing other disciple-makers.

How do I choose a person to disciple?

Pray and ask God to bring someone to mind. Look for people who are F.A.T.:

  • Faithful
  • Available
  • Teachable



  • Who impacted your life? What did that person do for you that made a difference (and is the explanation of why you are a follower of Christ)? Why did they do it?
  • As you begin to study The Four Priorities and learn how to align your life to the way Jesus commanded, what needs to be surrendered? What do you need to remove, or adjust, in your life in order to make room for what God wants to do in you? Is there anything you need to say no to, in order to say yes to Jesus?

PRAY: We have a tendency to overcomplicate things – especially our prayers! One way to simplify your prayer life is to pick two phrases or truths from scripture and attach them to your breath pattern. As you inhale, internally say the 1st phrase. As you exhale, say the 2nd phrase.

INHALE: I will make room for You
EXHALE: to do whatever You want to

MEMORIZE: Take this week to memorize Psalm 139:23-24 with your household. Write it on a sticky note to place on your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror, or wherever you will view it often.

Psalm 139:23-24 “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

WORSHIP: Listen to this song called Make Room by Community Music.


As you sit down for a meal with your family this week, use these questions as a guideline for discussion!

  • What do you care about the most?
  • What do you think God cares about the most?


  • Play a game of Telephone. One person thinks of a silly phrase and then whispers it to the next person who has to whisper it to the next person. Here are some silly phrases to have fun with this game! After playing a few rounds of this, talk about what it was like to pass along words from someone else.
    • Connect this to the fact that Jesus passed along instructions to His disciples before He went up to heaven. But these instructions haven’t gotten mixed up over thousands of years. We still have the instructions and we are called to pass it along to those around us!
    • ASK: Why do you think we don’t pass along what Jesus taught us? Personalize it – why don’t YOU pass it along to your friends?


  • Listen to the Four Priorities Introduction Video
  • Watch the Four Priorities Introduction Video
  1. What are your top five priorities?
  2. How do they compare to the biblical “four priorities”?
  3. Who has walked with you or discipled you in your lifetime? Have you thanked them lately?
  4. Who could you disciple using your Bible and The Four Priorities?

That’s it for the Introduction!
Now…go! And make disciples!