February Review

Feb 28 2022 February Review

We are excited to introduce you to a fantastic couple — Kate and Kevin, friends of ours and disciple makers, who are serving as missionaries overseas. In 2020, I asked Kate to be part of our Disciple-Making Initiative with Dallas Theological Seminary. Even though she was worlds (and time zones) away, she agreed!

Kate said, “I volunteered to be a part of this because I wanted to stay connected with the current generation of young ladies in America; especially as we receive many young people each summer on the mission field. I wanted to be able to relate to them and be aware of some of their needs and issues of faith. The 4 Priorities gave us something concrete that we could use as a springboard for further discussions and help her apply her seminary lessons to real life.”

For Kate and her disciple, Priority #2 was the most helpful! They were able to directly apply what they were learning to their every day lives.

A few months ago, Kevin also began to disciple a local friend of his near where they live. He wanted to see how The Four Priorities would apply to someone not from the United States. Kevin said, “My friend and I have made it through the first several lessons, and the most impactful so far is exploring Chapter 4 ‘What is The Christian Life?’ We talked through our desire to be perfect, but how we miss that all the time, and it can be discouraging. However, when we understand the point is not to be perfect and, instead, to follow Jesus all the time, then we have the right perspective.

We are so thankful to Kate and Kevin for doing the work of disciple-making. Click here to read their full interview!

If you have used The Four Priorities, which priority did you find the most applicable or helpful in your life?

Please comment here and let us know– we sure would love to hear from you!


The first Gathering of Men of 2022 was held on January 26, February 2, and February 9th. As always, it was great to be back together with the guys! God is doing some fantastic things in our men! Lives are being changed for the better! Marriages are being renewed and restored! And men are trusting God! 

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