John’s August Review: The Gathering of Men!

Aug 31 2022 John’s August Review: The Gathering of Men!

Several years ago, I lived in Dallas and worked with youth. I saw a lot of students in this area come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. But, when I’d send them back home with their newfound faith, I found it interesting that ifanybody encouraged these students to grow in their faith, it was their mothers, not their fathers. Not that the dads necessarily didn’t care– they either didn’t know what to do or they didn’t know the Lord themselves. I also noticed that on a Sunday morning, there were a whole lot more women or ladies in the pews than men. My question was, “Where are the men?”

And that wasn’t just in Dallas– that was around the country wherever I would speak. In addition to these observations, the Lord was working on my heart. What could I do to make a difference for Him in the lives of these men?

I dreamt about reaching men for Christ, especially leaders, to help them come to know Him, grow up and develop and become a better men, husbands, more effective fathers, and influencers in the cities where they lived. I realized that to do this, we had to throw the net out around the city and reach more men. Then, I remembered that here in Dallas, for the high school students, we did a thing called TBC: Team Breakfast Club. We had about 70 high school kids that were really committed to fill up their tables with students that either didn’t know the Lord did or who weren’t growing in their relationship with the Lord.

So, I started thinking about that… “What if we did that for men? Same idea, same concept… you get table hosts. They bring their buddies that need to be there.” And that’s where The Gathering of Men came from. These Gatherings have been held in different cities all over the US. In Dallas alone, over the past 17 years, over 2,000 men have come to know Jesus Christ!

It’s the easiest way to extend a personal invitation to introduce a man to Jesus. If you’d like to join us, you can come by yourself, bring a friend, or host a table. (Hosts do not have to pay for the entire table – you simply need to bring the guys!) Never underestimate the power of a personal invitation. Sometimes, all it takes is asking a guy to join you for lunch and letting God do the rest.

Join me, won’t you? Click here to sign up.

The Gathering of Men meets at Northwest Bible Church on NW Hwy & Douglas to eat a hot lunch and listen to a short, encouraging, and challenging message. Lunches begin and end promptly from 12PM-1PM. For more information or for help signing up, contact or visit

September 21st — Life is too short to get it wrong: “A Man Who Got it Right”
September 28th — The Spiral Road

Due to construction at the church, the next series will only be 2-weeks!! If purchasing tickets online, please DO NOT select anything regarding the 3-week series.

Please don’t delay! It is incredibly helpful if you sign up immediately in order to prepare the plans for the luncheon.

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Warmly in Him,

John Tolson