John’s May Review: Disciple-Making In Portuguese!

Jun 01 2023 John’s May Review: Disciple-Making In Portuguese!

In the fall of 2021, when I led the Disciple-Making Summit at Dallas Theological Seminary, a current student named Miguel was able to attend and learn about making disciples. Since that time, he was led through The Four Priorities, equipping him to carry on the command of making disciples. He has since begun discipling his 5 nephews through The Four Priorities!

Did you know that The Four Priorities comes in several other languages, such as Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese? Miguel’s nephews are actually located in Angola, Africa and the Portuguese translation of The Four Priorities allows Miguel to disciple them through it.

Miguel is a great example of a disciple who makes disciples – no matter the time change, location difference, or language variation!

When you support The Tolson Group financially, you are partnering with us to continue to create and provide resources for people like Miguel to make disciples who make disciples. We couldn’t do it without you! This summer, would you consider giving to The Tolson Group?

Disciple-Making Highlights!

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