Chapter 23 Questions

May 08 2023 Chapter 23 Questions

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Let’s recap!
The Need for Evangelism

  • Why do we need “evangelism” (i.e. telling others about Jesus)? Because the world is a dark and fallen place. Many people don’t know “true Truth” – everything is relative and they don’t understand God’s Word as the standard of Truth. Because of this, people are hurting and without hope. They live in a society that tells them to “eat, drink, and be merry because you might not be here tomorrow!”
  • Jesus came so that we might have life… and to the fullest! (John 10:10). We as followers of Christ must be willing to share the Light of the world (Jesus) and the hope and healing He has given us.
  • This week take time to consider how you share Christ with others. It will look differently for each person based on your personality, surroundings, and your own story. How do you use where God has placed you, the story you’ve lived, and the freedom you’ve experienced to introduce Christ to those around you? Do you know anyone who doesn’t know Christ? Maybe it’s time to expand your community. Do those around you know that you follow Christ? Maybe it’s time to be bold in your interactions. Whatever the case may be, ask the Lord for help in sharing your faith this week!

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– John