Chapter 21 Questions

May 08 2023 Chapter 21 Questions

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Let’s recap!
The Importance of the Body of Christ (“The Church”)
What is this thing called the church? The Bible refers to the “church” as the body of Christ and as the family of God

  1. The WORLDWIDE church is everyone around the world who has a personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. The LOCAL church is individuals/families in your community who gather together to worship Jesus.
  3. Therefore, all who trust in Jesus are in the worldwide church, but not all choose to be part of a local church.

What are the marks of a committed member of the local church?

  1. They are committed to personal growth.
  2. They are committed to consistent worship.
  3. They value a consistent intake of teaching from the Bible.
  4. They band with others and care for people.
  5. They discover and develop their spiritual gifts to encourage and build up the church.
  6. They are disciple-makers.
  7. They are faithful stewards with their finances
  8. They care about others who do not know Jesus Christ.
  9. They are committed to finding the needs of others in the local church and filling them!

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