Chapter 20 Questions

May 08 2023 Chapter 20 Questions

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Questions for Further Study:

Let’s recap!
How do you move out of isolation?

  1. Understand that Christ never meant for you to go through life alone.
  2. Read Philippians 2:25. Regarding your friendships, consider the “brother/sister” relationships in your life:
    1. Are they a true friend?
    2. Are they honest with you?
    3. Are they available to you and find time to maintain a friendship?
    4. Are they willing to have fun?
    5. Do they desire to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord?
    6. Do they pray for you? Hold you accountable?
    7. Do they stick with you through thick and thin?
  3. If you need friends, pray for some!
  4. In your small group, share the Scriptures, your schedules, your relationships, struggles or triumphs, and prayer requests.
  5. Take the initiative to ask them to meet with you for a few weeks.

See ya next time!
– John