From Thought to Action: Final Summary

Oct 31 2023 From Thought to Action: Final Summary

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Before we begin, remember…making disciples can be as easy as reading a chapter of The Four Priorities and discussing it with someone else. This blog series is designed to supplement your journey. Feel free to take what you need and leave the rest! And remember, please share this post with your disciple so they can subscribe, too!


At the end of The Four Priorities, you’ll find an appendix full of resources to help you in your journey to make disciples:

  • How To Begin A Relationship With Jesus Christ
  • How To Make A Difference For Christ Using This Book
  • How To Study The Bible
  • Using The Inductive Bible Study Method
  • Bible Study Tools
  • Preparing A Prayer Notebook
  • Recommended Reading

We’ve also created more resources in the downloads section on our website:


REFLECT:  When you think about what you have learned over the past 28 (or more!) weeks of disciple making:
What stands out to you the most?
How has disciple-making impacted every other area of your life (i.e., as a father, son, friend, church member, employee, boss, etc)?
What were some of your big take-aways or highlights / best moments in the disciple making process?
What has your experience with disciple making been like? How did it change you?
What do you think people need to know about disciple-making?
What is your favorite part about making disciples?
What has been the biggest growth/struggle area through your time disciple-making?
How would you define the process of disciple-making?

PRAY: We have a tendency to overcomplicate things – especially our prayers! One way to simplify your prayer life is to pick two phrases or truths from scripture and attach them to your breath pattern. As you inhale, internally say the 1st phrase. As you exhale, say the 2nd phrase.

INHALE: With every breath, I will declare
EXHALE: Oh God, You are my God

MEMORIZE: Take this week to memorize James 4:14 with your household. Write it on a sticky note to place on your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror, or wherever you will view it often.

James 4:14 “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

WORSHIP: Listen to this song called Song in the Night by Shane and Shane


  • What has been your favorite thing we’ve talked about over the past few months?
  • What have you learned?
  • What did you like? What did you not like?
  • What should we keep doing?


  • Watch the Four Priorities Chapter Video
  • Listen to the Four Priorities Chapter Video


Let’s recap!
  1. Remember that the idea behind The Four Priorities is to understand the bottom-line of following Jesus. If you live out the principles of Matthew 22:37-40, you’ll do what Jesus wants you to do.
  2. As you live out The Four Priorities, you’ll move from being out of balance towards being more balanced as you allow these Biblical principles to shape your life.
  3. Your schedule becomes a tool to help implement The Four Priorities. The priorities become a filter through which you choose how to spend your time.
  4. Jesus wants to work through us to impact people on this planet. Now that you’ve been through The Four Priorities, pray for and seek out those whom you can disciple!

That’s it for the final summary!
Now…go! And make disciples!