From Thought to Action: Chapter 19

Oct 24 2023 From Thought to Action: Chapter 19

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Before we begin, remember…making disciples can be as easy as reading a chapter of The Four Priorities and discussing it with someone else. This blog series is designed to supplement your journey. Feel free to take what you need and leave the rest! And remember, please share this post with your disciple so they can subscribe, too!


KEY QUOTES from Chapter 19: The Parenting Gift of Confidence

  • The kind of confidence we are talking about is where a child has a firm enough foundation to test his or her ideas, values, and relationships in a nurturing environment… Confidence develops as the result of someone releasing a child from fears or insecurities to discover – usually through trial and error – how to succeed and to discover his or her full potential.
  • When a child can’t predict his or her parents’ response to wrongdoing, confusion interferes with any lessons that might be learned. The same is true for hard work. Predictably rewarding or praising a job well-done boosts confidence.

REFLECT: For each of the 5 E’s below, write out one action that you can do for your child, your spouse, or community this week.

    • Engage
    • Explore
    • Explain
    • Empower (or extend)
    • Encourage (or evaluate)

PRAY: We have a tendency to overcomplicate things – especially our prayers! One way to simplify your prayer life is to pick two phrases or truths from scripture and attach them to your breath pattern. As you inhale, internally say the 1st phrase. As you exhale, say the 2nd phrase.

INHALE: I will rest in Your promises
EXHALE: My confidence is Your faithfulness

MEMORIZE: Take this week to memorize Psalm 139:13-14 with your household. Write it on a sticky note to place on your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror, or wherever you will view it often.

Psalm 139:13-14 “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.” 

WORSHIP: Listen to this song called Yes and Amen by Housefires.



Speak a blessing conversation: “Children need to feel assured of a parent’s unconditional love, as opposed to conditional love which is based on performance or potential. As you affirm your child, be sure to choose statements that refer to factors they have control over, instead of things they have little or no control over.

  • To clarify, here are a couple of examples of praise that expresses unconditional love:
  • Instead of exclaiming “Robbie! You are such a fast runner!” say instead, “I love how you give 100 per cent effort when you run.”
  • When your daughter looks lovely in an outfit, rather than telling her how cute she is, comment on godly character traits. For example, you could say, “Your joyful smile reminds me that you have ‘Jesus joy’ in your heart.”


  • Do the Measure Up craft
  • Play this balancing game to show your children that objects are more stable when they have a wide base of support.
      • Discussion point: We can place our confidence in God – a firm foundation for our lives.


  • Watch the Four Priorities Chapter Video
  • Listen to the Four Priorities Chapter Video

How to be a Great Parent (Part 3)

  1. Show love with your time. Don’t be a distracted, multi-tasking parent when making quality time with your children.
  2. Show love with your interests by doing things they love to do… not just what you love to do.
  3. Show love by listening. Listen thoughtfully, processing what was said and responding in turn. Show them they’ve been heard.
  4. Show love by being spiritually dependable. Your children need a model in mom and dad of parents who love Jesus.

That’s it for Chapter 19!
Now…go! And make disciples!