Take A Knee Testimonials

Take A Knee Dale Armstrong's StoryRecently, I met with Dale Armstrong (Focus on the Family) who had received a copy of Take a Knee. Since receiving his copy, he and his son Daley (11 yrs. old) decided they would read a devotional together each day in their Jeep on the way to school. Then, they would look for opportunities to live out what they learned.

When Dale read “Day 2: The Invisible Man” about how to serve others, his son told him of a classmate who is battling cancer. “Dad,” he asked, “If I help my friend raise money for his medicine, is that serving him?” Dale assured him that would be an excellent thing to do. His son not only raised $300… but also shaved his head to support his friend! WOW!

What if all Dads followed the example set by Dale and his son? We would greatly impact our families and cities for Christ!

Sadly, most dads barely interact in such an engaging way with their kids. “The average family [Dad] spends 3.5 minutes in meaningful conversation with their children” (Phil Cooke, Branding Faith). Dads, we have to turn this trend around!

I challenge you to intentionally set aside time in your day to connect with your children in such an easy, yet powerful, way! Get a copy of Take a Knee for you and each of your children – whether they’re 13 or 30 – and commit to reading the daily devotionals together for 31 days, living out the applications as you go. I guarantee you that your relationships will be strengthened and The Lord will enrich your family.

Will you take up the challenge? Let’s lead the way!

Roger StaubachTake A Knee is a good start. As you discovered, John has written down thirty-one days of practical lessons from Scripture. Each carefully chosen topic addresses the heart of man. Pride and humility. Work and laziness. Integrity and hypocrisy. Diligence and negligence. Faithfulness and cowardice. Each daily message, when studied and applied, will help you build strength in a particular area of Christian character. Like a well-planned weight training program, followed consistently and conscientiously, Take A Knee will help you cultivate an authentic relationship with God, who will then build your Christian strength from the inside out.

In fact, Take A Knee could become a simply way for us, as men, to become the spiritual leaders God has called us to be. Imagine the impact you could have in helping shape the character of your children.
Imagine how our nation and culture could be transformed as fathers invest in the personal development of their children. Imagine this becoming a movement, beginning with the simple decision to use the book you hold in your hands as a discussion-starter with you kids.

I plan to use Take A Knee with my grandchildren. I’m looking forward to seeing how our relationships will grow closer. I trust that the gift of my time and the practicality of these lessons will help them establish strong habits early. I expect that our time together will help prepare them for success, not only spiritual, but in every area of life.

Read Take A Knee with your children and grandchildren daily. Talk about the challenge for each day and find ways to act on it at school, work, or in your neighborhood. Regroup and talk about your experiences, then begin again with the next day. Are you up for the challenge?

Roger Staubach- Former NFL quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion for the Dallas Cowboys