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Disciple-Making Summit

Pastors & Ministry Leaders,

Can you imagine if what Jesus Christ did with 12 disciples over 2000 years ago, could be duplicated today . . . by your church?

It’s possible. Not only is it possible, but He commanded us to do exactly that, saying, “Go and make disciples” (see Matthew 28:19).  Jesus isn’t calling us to a complicated program or methodology that will add to your already overburdened administrative tasks. He’s simply asking us to live life His way: as we go about our lives, engage with other-in-the-faith believers and help them mature in their relationship with Christ… so that they can then help someone else do the same. In other words, people in the church having a ministry of multiplication.

If this is the missing piece in your church body, mature believers raising up young believers, then we’re here to help. Gather your church body for a Disciple-Making Summit!

In two three-hour sessions, John and Punky lay out the simple steps to investing in the life of another so that they grow in Christ and, in turn, reproduce that faith foundation in someone else’s life. This summit is designed for church implementation; we assist church elders, leaders, and staff with engaging their people in life-on-life disciple making. The result is becoming an intentional disciple-making church.

ellis-140x140“Wow! What an impact on our church. John does an amazing job of laying out The Four Priorities and helping churches help individuals be about the process of making disciples who will in turn make disciples.”


Richard Ellis

Senior Pastor, Reunion Church |

jack-graham“Prestonwood has been blessed by the teaching and exhortation of John. His Discipleship-Making Summit and Four Priorities materials are significant tools in equipping men to be leaders in today’s society. John is a gifted and passionate communicator who speaks straight to the heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.”

Dr. Jack Graham

Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church |



    As a church family, learn the Biblical basis for disciple-making


    Raise up the next generation of leaders who will disciple other believers


    Relationships, Churches, & Communities changed by Biblical disciple-making

Your church body will learn:

  • What is the Biblical basis for discipling?
  • Why is discipling important? What happens when we don’t disciple?
  • What are the characteristics of a disciple?
  • What is the Christian life all about?
  • How to live by Biblical priorities and develop a balanced life.
  • How to become a disciple-maker.

Using The Four Priorities, encourage your church family to engage in one-on-one disciple-making.

The Four Priorities is the best foundational book to teach the principles of being discipled and discipling others. There are great materials out there to use in conjunction with or after The Four Priorities, but we have found this to be an effective 1st and 2nd step: hosting the summit then discipling with The Four Priorities book) as the foundational platform for this type of one-on-one discipleship.

Create authentic community among believers as they learn by example how to reproduce disciples by investing their lives into younger believers.

Disciple-making is a life style…it has no finish date! Jesus’ last command was to go and make disciples who make disciples. Jesus intends that both the disciple-maker and the disciple would now reproduce a faith foundation in someone else. This continues throughout the life of the church and the lifetime of a disciple.


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